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If you are not constrained by severe delusional thinking, then you know that the United States has been in serious decline for quite some time.  You know that it is no longer the best democracy on the planet.  The first part of Delusional Democracy provides a deep analysis of what has gone wrong, how the US has succumbed to corruption and dysfunction.  The second part provides a number of ways to restore American democracy, if only millions of Americans demand the necessary solutions.

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“Our constitutional republic is on life support, ravaged by the viruses of avarice and Social Darwinism. Read this amazing book to learn how you can become a part of America’s cure.”—Jason S. Miller, writer for the blog Thomas Paine’s Corner




“A masterful and comprehensive analysis of the most salient issues of our time: the intersection of democracy, morality, citizenship and the quality of everyday life. Anyone who is troubled by the claim that something has gone terribly wrong owes it to himself or herself to spend a few hours with this book.”—Jerry Fresia, author of Toward an American Revolution


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